Podcast: Estate Planning Pitfalls-Outright Distributions from an Estate

Welcome to our new series of podcasts focused on educating development teams across the country with common pitfalls faced in estate planning.  This series of informative podcasts will highlight problems and obstacles your donors face in the estate planning process.  Knowing these pitfalls will help you recognize opportunities to assist your supporters determine their best plan, which could include your organization.

CAYCE POWELL, MBA, J.D., FCEP // President, Thompson & Associates
JASON MEREDITH, MBA, J.D., FCEP // Executive Vice President of Estate Planning, Thompson & Associates 

In this episode, Cayce and Jason discuss outright distributions. 
  • What is an outright distribution? 
  • Could leaving assets outright to beneficiaries be a mistake?
  • What are the benefits of an alternative distribution strategy?
  • How do you handle life insurance and retirement accounts?

Outright Distributions in an Estate Podcast